Dog Squad

Realizing the importance of trained dogs for security of private organizations, Elite Force has introduced a dog squad and has developed its training facilities at Vatara, Dhaka-1212. We have 25 dog Kennels where 30-35 dogs can be accommodated.  At present, we have 20 trained dogs of different types out of which 03 are doing guard duties at Lafarge Surma Cement Ltd. in Sylhet and other 02 at Isolux Corsan Ltd, a Spanish Company at Shiddhirgonj, Naraynganj. Elite Force is the only security company in the country capable of providing security services with dogs.

Dogs can display deterrent effect to the criminal threats of high profile events and business centers. The dog handlers with dogs can search for and detect explosives, bombs, illegal arms drugs at the entrance-exit points and sensitive areas of premises. It can work with Mobile Response Unit or Emergency Response Team effectively. Dogs are to be trained continuously to ensure their results at the highest level. The presence of trained dogs would not be fearful to the public rather they would be felt secured.

We are thinking to deploying dogs in the entry of the premises at night to create a kind of fear in the minds of miscreants.