History and Growth

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Our Inception

In November 1999, Brig. Gen. Sharif Aziz founded the pioneering Elite Force. After years of experience working at one of the pre-dominant security service providers in Bangladesh, the Integrated Security Services Limited (ISSL), and giving ISSL a firm foothold Brig. Sharif identified a crucial scarcity.

Briefing During Training Session back in 2000 at our Old Training Center, Gazipur

Our Foundation

He realized that given the volatile nature of the socio-political fabric of Bangladesh, an ever increasing demand for timely, professional and proper security was born. To meet that ever-rising demand, Elite Force was founded in November 1999 by Brig. Gen. Sharif Aziz, with only 7 guards deployed in three organizations.

Our Phenomenal Growth

Elite Force has been growing exponentially since its birth. With rising demand worldwide for greater and more comprehensive and effective security service, Elite Force has stepped up to guide itself to the top of the security services provider industry of Bangladesh. With over 800+ competing firms, Elite Force has clearly reigned supreme.

Now the company has over 22,500 security guards deployed all over the country with more than 1500 clients.

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